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White Collar Criminal Defense

Federal and state have taken a hard stance on allegations of corporate misconduct. You need experienced legal representation in these situations.


Law Firm: Smith & Kramer, P.C.

Smith & Kramer, P.C. is a law firm which provides experienced and dedicated service to our clients. William Sidney Smith has worked with clients to help achieve their objectives and guide them through the legal process for many years. Mr. Smith has an accounting and business background allowing him to understand the "language" of business and expertly handle issues related to business.

Smith & Kramer: Business LawyersSmith & Kramer, P.C. is of counsel with Dickinson, Bradshaw, Fowler & Hagen, P.C. a firm in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. The Dickinson Bradshaw Law Firm is a distinguished firm with business, corporate and litigation divisions providing comprehensive services to business clients.

Smith & Kramer, P.C. provides a variety of services that specifically include:

  • Business Law including advice on formation, structure, compliance, taxation and business, accounting and financial matters.
  • White Collar Criminal Defense including representing businesses and their owners in protecting against allegations and defending clients where prosecutions arise.


Business Law legal representation including White Collar Criminal Defense for Tax crimes, FBAR and foreign bank account issues, Fraud and similar claims against businesses and their owners.

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