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Our attorneys bring experience, dedication and understanding to our client's legal issues with access to legal resources to meet any business need. We provide representation that focuses on the needs of the client and helps the client achieve their objectives. Whether defending a criminal charge, achieving ongoing compliance or negotiating a business deal, our attorneys bring the experience, expertise, commitment and guidance to achieve resolutions that are in our clients' best interests.


Business and Commercial Practice

Business Law Attorneys: Smith & Kramer, P.C.This Firm provides representation in all aspects of the law confronting businesses and their owners. We are involved in helping clients select the proper legal entities for new enterprises, working with lenders and others to finance ongoing businesses, planning for the ultimate succession in family businesses, as well as negotiating the wide variety of issues confronting modern business.

Day to Day Advice, Ongoing Compliance and Business Transactions. In these complex times businesses need legal advice on a variety of issues as they arise. Every business should have access to experienced and knowledgeable attorneys to assist them in forming new business entities, negotiating transactions, obtaining financing and staying in compliance with the laws and rules that apply to each particular business. Businesses also need lawyers knowledgeable about their business when it is time to buy a new entity, sell the business or transition the business to a new generation. Our lawyers have the expertise to assist and advise in all of these areas.

Taxation of Businesses. With the changes in corporate and individual income tax rates combined with the ease with which businesses can utilize a wide variety of business entities to achieve growth and minimize taxation, our attorneys are involved in analyzing and advising on the tax impacts of not only traditional corporate settings but, to an increasing degree, the complexities of partnership taxation as applied to a variety of entities including limited liability companies, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships and multi-tiered partnerships.

Business Law legal representation including White Collar Criminal Defense for Tax crimes, FBAR and foreign bank account issues, Fraud and similar claims against businesses and their owners.

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